A presto in Milano!

We are delighted to participate in Milan Design Week, exhibiting in the kidsroomZOOM gallery. Finally there will be the green Punch'n'Cuddle on show, which will be available soon in our shop. The demand has been overwhelming - thanks for your patience. We will be able to ship them in May.

The organisers of the kidsroomZOOM show have interviewed our designer Brit Leissler - in the shape of a fictional interview with her as a five year old. Here you can get an insight into her surreal mind set (that some years later was responsible for creating Punch'n'Cuddle).

If you are in Milan, please come by and play with us!

Happy & Cuddly Xmas

Suddenly it's the end of year again - so we send you all our well wishes for a happy and relaxed holiday time, hoping you will bring 2011 to a good end and start 2012 fresh and full of bounce. We are overwhelmed and truly grateful by the support that we received from you over the past year - and of course really delighted to have managed to launch our shop just in time for Christmas.
A very special thanks for all the orders that we already received in this very short space of time: we do hope you enjoy celebrating with Punch'n'Cuddle and will have an emotionally balanced new year.

Ignition. Sequence. Start. Ready to be of Service!

We are delighted to announce that we have finally launched our online shop. It has taken a little longer than we anticipated, however, we wanted to ensure that we only went live once we had a warehouse full of 100% perfect Punch'n'Cuddles - boxed & ready and eagerly awaiting (once you have ordered them of course) their instant transfer to their happy new homes.

We finally pushed the »Start« button

Even though we will do everything we can, we unfortunately cannot 100% guarantee deliveries will arrive before Christmas. However, for all German orders confirmed by Thursday evening (15.12.) they should definitely arrive in time to be standing under your tree, waiting to celebrate with you.

Currently we can only ship within Europe, as there are still one or two minor issues to be worked out regarding global customs procedures in other countries. But we are 100% positive that in early 2012 we will be able to also deliver them worldwide. For now, if you would like Punch'n'Cuddle to travel to a non-European destination, please contact us and we will do our best to arrange something for you.

A huge and cuddly thanks to the wonderful Evalotta for having done such a great job with the shop.

Full House

Today is a special day for us - as all delivery has finally arrived in our Berlin warehouse. So now we have hundreds of eager excited Punch'n'Cuddles ready to set out on their journeys to the new homes you order them from. Currently not quite worldwide (but don’t worry, we are working on it) - as there are still one or two minor issues to be worked out regarding global customs procedures. So for now we will only deliver within Europe. 

Hundreds of bamboo bases waiting to be re-packed

But we are 100% positive that in early 2012 we will be able to also deliver them worldwide, so to all you customers out there who have been so patient but don't live in Europe, please send us an email and we will be in touch.

Right now we are in the final process of fine tuning our new web site, ready for Punch'n'Cuddle lift off - and are very excited at the prospect of opening the virtual doors of our online shop in the next couple of days.

Playful Anarchy in Vienna

We intended to publish this a while ago, but got sidetracked by the million of other tasks that had to be taken care of in these currently rather frantic times - now, that we are just about to launch our online shop. But we finally want to share some impressions from the show that we participated in during the Vienna Design Week last month.

Punch'n'Cuddle was well perceived and in constant demand

kidsroomZOOM had invited us to exhibit Punch'n'Cuddle in a 200 square meter apartment in the centre of Vienna, that they inhabited for the time of the design week. The show was a snapshot of contemporary design for children - uniting art, product presentation, events and workshops in a fun and hands-on way. 

Kids could design their own Punch'n'Cuddle version of desire with a show catalogue functioning like a coloring book

The presentation was done in an easily identifiable context of a domestic living space - very far from a white gallery with »please don't touch« signs. A fun yet stylish ground for playful anarchy, with lots of different furniture and toys to be tested. Please see more pictures in our gallery.

A video of the space before the doors opened for visitors

Baltic Body Works

In order to make sure that the soon to commencer production of the first batch of Punch'n'Cuddle's body parts will go smoothly, we are currently in Lithuania - working on the last minute fine tuning with our manufacturer there. It is very exciting to see everything falling into place - just like expecting a baby… only in our case it was an almost three year »pregnancy«. However, soon there will be hundreds of Punch'n'Cuddles ready to bring love, happiness and joy to the world.

Here are some pictures that show how the final sample is being made:

Cutting the patterns
Using the heat press to put the bonding material on the target application
Making re-enforced holes for the bottom part to connect with the bamboo base
Putting metal rivets into the re-enforced holes
Stuffing the arms with soft, washable stuffing
Sewing the body part

The bumpy Road to the Market

We are delighted that we got invited to give a talk at the »Link Together« Panel of Sofia Design Week. It will give insight into our experiences on our way of turning an initial design idea into a working and sellable product: Punch'n'Cuddle.

The focus will not be on the technical development for production, but rather aims to give an understanding of the infinitely variable problems, obstacles and indeed frustrations that lay on the long, winding and always rocky road to the marketplace.

If you are around, we would love to see you on June 13th at 9:00 in Sofia's Central Military Club. Yes, that's right. But no worries - we come in peace.

Finally the final Samples

We just returned from Vietnam - and are delighted to say that the company, that produces the bamboo bases for Punch'n'Cuddle, has finally managed to create flawless samples. It has been proven very good to currently being based in Bangkok (and therefore in such close proximity to Vietnam), as we were able to pop over there regularly in the past two months.
Our regular visits were not only speeding up the (so far ridiculously slow) process tremendously, but also led to a way clearer communication and a much better working commitment. Et voila - suddenly it was all very easy!
Punch'n'Cuddle got »legs« at last

Each of the wooden crates that you can see in the picture above are containing one bamboo base for a Punch'n'Cuddle. They will eventually have to be re-packed and united with Punch'n'Cuddle's top part in our warehouse in Europe - but good to know they will be safely packed on their long journey from Vietnam to Europe.