Bamboo Buzz in Vietnam

Our Hanoi based production manager Huang (left).
















We thought it'd be interesting to share some pictures of our last trip to Vietnam, where we spent ten days to oversee the finalising steps of Punch'n'Cuddle's bamboo bowl production. Before being loaded into a container, we wanted to make sure they would meet the quality standards required for our soft punch bag to look fab and work properly. The team has worked incredibly hard and we are very pleased with the outcome. 

Since it was rather hot (in particular for us Northern Europeans) we worked early in the mornings, then had a long siesta to escape the sun (while having amazing Vietnamese food, of course) and then continued working in late afternoon (hence some of the pictures were made without any day light, since the sun already sets at 18:00).

Yeah, Yeti!

This winter we have been busily engaged to find the Yeti and, with a trick, convince it to come down from its mountain home to dispense emotional relief to human children and adults everywhere. The furry, cuddly punch bag is happy to be used as a fun outlet for stress, and as a workout tool by children and adults alike. Enjoy the two-minute story that describes how it all happened.

Check out our updated Gallery

With the help of our happy customers we've stuffed our gallery with plenty new images from Punch'n'Cuddles around the world. Enjoy our constantly updated flickr stream. Or even better - send us your own images of Punch'n'Cuddle, the cuddly punch bag (not only) for kids! Why not join the Punch'n'Cuddle flickr group. But no matter if email, facebook, twitter or snail mail - we are always happy to hear from you and very curious to see how you're doing with Punch'n'Cuddle.

This is only a small impression of all the punching & cuddling that has been going on recently in the world.

Happy Holidays!

And suddenly it's Christmas.

We wish you happy & cuddly holidays and all the best for 2013!

Punch'n'Cuddle goes Green

We are incredibly pleased to announce that we finally got new stock of green Punch'n'Cuddles! So for all you patient PnC fans out there who were desperately awaiting Punch'n'Cuddle going green - here is your chance to order one. We are confident we made sure to not run out of stock any time soon. But nevertheless it goes 'first order - first served'. So better be quick to avoid any disappointment.

Pitti Immagine Bimbo

Punch'n'Cuddle was on show at Pitti Immagine Bimbo in Florence last week with kidsroomZOOM. Punch'n'Cuddle and us had a lovely time and are overwhelmed about the great interest, cuddles & feedback that we received - grazie mille tutti! Scroll down for more impressions (video) from the show.

Punch'n'Cuddle defuses violence in Berlin

The left-wing political mayday festival in Berlin-Kreuzberg normally ends in a violent clash between extremists and the police. This year Punch'n'Cuddle was introduced from early in the day between police and demonstrators to see whether its presence would help to soak up the usual violence and assist in channelling the more positive emotions. The result: The 2012 event was by far the most peaceful 1 May festival in its 25-year history.