Check out our updated Gallery

With the help of our happy customers we've stuffed our gallery with plenty new images from Punch'n'Cuddles around the world. Enjoy our constantly updated flickr stream. Or even better - send us your own images of Punch'n'Cuddle! Why not join the Punch'n'Cuddle flickr group. But no matter if email, facebook, twitter or snail mail - we are always happy to hear from you and very curious to see how you're doing with Punch'n'Cuddle.

This is only a small impression of all the punching & cuddling that has been going on recently in the world.

Happy Holidays!

And suddenly it's Christmas.

We wish you happy & cuddly holidays and all the best for 2013!

Punch'n'Cuddle goes Green

We are incredibly pleased to announce that we finally got new stock of green Punch'n'Cuddles! So for all you patient PnC fans out there who were desperately awaiting Punch'n'Cuddle going green - here is your chance to order one. We are confident we made sure to not run out of stock any time soon. But nevertheless it goes 'first order - first served'. So better be quick to avoid any disappointment.

Pitti Immagine Bimbo

Punch'n'Cuddle was on show at Pitti Immagine Bimbo in Florence last week with kidsroomZOOM. Punch'n'Cuddle and us had a lovely time and are overwhelmed about the great interest, cuddles & feedback that we received - grazie mille tutti! Scroll down for more impressions (video) from the show.

Punch'n'Cuddle defuses violence in Berlin

The left-wing political mayday festival in Berlin-Kreuzberg normally ends in a violent clash between extremists and the police. This year Punch'n'Cuddle was introduced from early in the day between police and demonstrators to see whether its presence would help to soak up the usual violence and assist in channelling the more positive emotions. The result: The 2012 event was by far the most peaceful 1 May festival in its 25-year history.

A presto in Milano!

We are delighted to participate in Milan Design Week, exhibiting in the kidsroomZOOM gallery. Finally there will be the green Punch'n'Cuddle on show, which will be available soon in our shop. The demand has been overwhelming - thanks for your patience. We will be able to ship them in May.

The organisers of the kidsroomZOOM show have interviewed our designer Brit Leissler - in the shape of a fictional interview with her as a five year old. Here you can get an insight into her surreal mind set (that some years later was responsible for creating Punch'n'Cuddle).

If you are in Milan, please come by and play with us!

Happy & Cuddly Xmas

Suddenly it's the end of year again - so we send you all our well wishes for a happy and relaxed holiday time, hoping you will bring 2011 to a good end and start 2012 fresh and full of bounce. We are overwhelmed and truly grateful by the support that we received from you over the past year - and of course really delighted to have managed to launch our shop just in time for Christmas.
A very special thanks for all the orders that we already received in this very short space of time: we do hope you enjoy celebrating with Punch'n'Cuddle and will have an emotionally balanced new year.

Ignition. Sequence. Start. Ready to be of Service!

We are delighted to announce that we have finally launched our online shop. It has taken a little longer than we anticipated, however, we wanted to ensure that we only went live once we had a warehouse full of 100% perfect Punch'n'Cuddles - boxed & ready and eagerly awaiting (once you have ordered them of course) their instant transfer to their happy new homes.

We finally pushed the »Start« button

Even though we will do everything we can, we unfortunately cannot 100% guarantee deliveries will arrive before Christmas. However, for all German orders confirmed by Thursday evening (15.12.) they should definitely arrive in time to be standing under your tree, waiting to celebrate with you.

Currently we can only ship within Europe, as there are still one or two minor issues to be worked out regarding global customs procedures in other countries. But we are 100% positive that in early 2012 we will be able to also deliver them worldwide. For now, if you would like Punch'n'Cuddle to travel to a non-European destination, please contact us and we will do our best to arrange something for you.

A huge and cuddly thanks to the wonderful Evalotta for having done such a great job with the shop.